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Hey Friend! Let's exhale and leave exhaustion, striving, and fear behind in exchange for rest, renewal, and strength to rise fearlessly. When we turn to God and his promises we find his rhythms of grace refreshing us as we let go. This is something I have experienced and am called to share the journey with you. Through writing books, speaking, hosting a weekly podcast, and the She Lives Fearless Weekend Conferences my intent is to help you rest, renew, and rise!

hi, I'm holly

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It’s in the wilderness seasons of life that we are prepared for what’s ahead. God isn’t punishing us in the unknown and empty; He’s preparing us. When we go through a holding pattern, it doesn’t mean that God is holding out on us. He’s always at work preparing our hearts and our foundation to handle His purposes.
All of us have greatness for our lives. Amid the questions, barrenness, and difficulties is where our faith is shored up and confidence in God grows.

presence in pause

When we learn to rest in the Lord and receive his promises, we can rise fearlessly in his plans for our lives. This talk is calling women to step boldly out in confidence to have Kingdom impact on a world that is fearful, hopeless, and weary. This is accomplished with the confidence of the word, authority in the Spirit, and a firm knowing of who we are as women.

rest, renew, rise

God never meant for us to ‘work for Him.’ He invites us into an intimate relationship to ‘work with Him.’ Based on Matthew 11:28-30, Holly will inspire your audience to let go and live in unforced rhythms of grace. Elements from this talk include:
+ Recall
+ Confess
+ Ask
+ Receive

exhale: letting go

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