I know what it's like to sit in silence and wear the weight of shame from choices I made. I know what it's like to feel hopeless, isolated, scared, broken...cowered in a corner...weeping...wondering if God could put my life back together again.

My "picture perfect" family went through a series of tragedies and perfect storms a few years ago. The relentless, abrupt, life altering, interrupting, you don't want the phone to ring again type. Slowly being numbed by loss, death, isolation, heartache, disappointment, fear... I slipped away from my faith in God. I stopped believing there was hope for a new day. I was numb...completely numb and lifeless on the inside. I became unfaithful to my husband and to my children. I was not the woman they knew anymore. I was not the woman I even knew anymore.

After some months and a whole lot of journey and circumstance, two years ago this March, I came back home to my husband and family after a few months of separation. My heart still hurts to even write these words. But, I came home to Jesus! HE WON. God never left me...even when I closed my heart. My husband did not give up. Our children did not give up. They believed. And I am so beyond grateful they believed.

Coming home initially was the beginning of a process of healing, uncovering, forgiveness, restoration, reconciliation. A journey. This journey and the way that God did what I thought was impossible, the way He put my marriage and my family back together, is why I am here telling the story.