(As aired on TODAY InNashville 10.15.18) Summer’s finally a wrap and it’s that time of year where the craziness starts back up again with renewed intensity as we transition into a new season. It’s finally beginning to feel like Fall here in Nashville. Out of all seasons did you know that Fall is the season marked most by transition?

The actual definition of transition is the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another. The real problem is that during hectic times and times of change, we often do the exact opposite of what we should do to be at peace and succeed. We start cranking through the to-do list and lose healthy balances. Transitions bring unknowns. It’s easy to feel consumed in the midst of change and think we’re moving backward in life, which is normally the opposite of reality. When you focus on a few fundamental areas, you’re able to successfully navigate through transition. 

Here are three ways to help you find your center and peace in a season of transition:

Direct Your Focus

  • Set realistic goals for each day – Focus on the things that matter most right now, not on what you can’t control in the future. Begin each day with a short list of what has to be done on that day.

Give Yourself Grace

  • Give yourself permission to not have it all together. 

  • Look for the things you’re doing well. Sometimes this can feel like there’s nothing, but I promise you’re doing something right. Take time to pause, identify them, and celebrate them.

Identify Your Needs

  • In times of transition, your needs can slowly decrease on the priority list. 

  • Research shows that’s the wrong approach. Focusing on balance in the midst of the chaos is significantly more fruitful than merely working towards accomplishing the next goal.

  • Meeting your key needs will help you become more stable and grounded in your approach to things in life. 

October 15, 2018 - TODAY In Nashville with Kelly Sutton

October 15, 2018 - TODAY In Nashville with Kelly Sutton

Remember, transition is not forever. It’s easy to begin to believe how you feel today is your new norm. That belief can lead to feeling like you’re not moving forward. Transition actually means where you are is not where you’ll stay. It’s not always easy to thrive in a season of transition, but it’s not impossible. Take a deep breath. You’re going to be okay. Start with the things listed here and watch the difference it will make. 

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